Board of Directors

Community First Bank's current Board of Directors:

  • Lee Adams - C.F.B. Chairman of the Board, McDonald's Restaurants
  • Darrick Dietrich - Basin Disposal, Inc.
  • Ty Haberling - HFG Trust
  • Eric Pearson - Community First Bank, President and CEO
  • Bruce Ratchford - Apollo, Inc.
  • Ryan Ratchford - Apollo, Inc.










We are a banking company committed to delivering the highest level of service to our community. We are responsible to a number of constituencies, including our shareholders, customers, employees and the communities which we serve. In order to fulfill our responsibilities we believe that we must operate under the highest ethical and professional standards. In order to assure this we are outlining below the expectations we have for our directors. Our philosophy is that this group sets the tone for our company, including all subsidiaries.

  • Fiduciary Duties. Directors owe fiduciary duties to shareholders, including the duty of exercising the care of an ordinary prudent person, as well as the duty of loyalty.
  • Preparation. Directors are expected to be prepared for all Board and Committee meetings and to have read materials furnished to them in advance of such meetings.
  • Attendance at Meetings. Directors are expected to attend all meetings of the Board and committees of which they are members on a regular and timely basis.
  • Mutual Respect. Directors are expected to demonstrate respect for each other and all Company management and employees.
  • Participation. Directors are expected to actively participate in meetings and ask thoughtful questions of management about the Company’s business and performance.
  • Role of Director. Directors are expected to focus on policy matters and the overall performance of the company and management.
  • Confidentiality. We operate on the strict principle that everything that is learned or happens in the Boardroom, stays in the Boardroom.
  • Relationships with our Regulators. We are in a highly regulated industry and directors are expected to help foster a healthy relationship with all our regulators.
  • Stock Ownership and Trading. Directors are strongly encouraged to have a significant ownership stake in the Company and are required to strictly abide by the Company’s insider trading policy.
  • Continuing Education, Directors are encouraged to attend appropriate seminars and programs to stay abreast of developments in the banking industry which impact the Company.