Online Banking Security

Tips for Keeping Your Information Safe Online

  • Protect your Online Banking User ID, password, and answers to your security questions. Do not write them down nor keep them on or near your computer. Do not share your ID or password.
  • Create a memorable password but avoid using obvious personal information (e.g., name, birth date, ZIP code). Use a combination of letters and numbers for your password.
  • Avoid using the same password for all your online accounts, including those you use to access social networking sites.
  • Log off and close the browser when you have finished with Online Banking.
  • Set up balance and transaction email alerts so that you can be notified in case of any unexpected activity. With eNotifications through Community First Bank Online Bill Pay, you can be notified by email or text message when a payment is made that exceeds a set amount.
  • Keep your computer operating system up to date to ensure the highest level of protection.
  • Use a current Web browser.
  • Install and keep anti-virus and security software up to date on your computer.
  • Install a personal firewall on your computer to assist in preventing cyber-attacks.